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Computer recycling is the process of recycling and refurbishing old computers or other electronic devices into new ones. It includes finding other use of materials and having computer disposal in such a manner that allows for safe extraction of materials for reuse in other products. Computer recycling in London  is done by a number of specialised companies like us here at Collect & Recycle. Disassembly takes place in a safe and environmentally sustainable manner to prepare for re-manufacturing. Once separation and disassembly is done, materials are then sent to UK handlers of recyclable materials and will eventually turn into other products.

What Parts are Recyclables?

  • Printer cartridges
  • CD Rom drives
  • Hard drives
  • Circuit boards
  • Cables
  • Non- lead glasses
  • Copper heat sinks
  • Power supplies
  • Cardboards
  • ABS plastic cases
  • CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors
  • Lead acid batteries, laptop batteries, and other non-lead batteries
  • Reduces landfill space.
  • Creates less toxic emissions.
  • Allows people to buy used computers at affordable prices.
  • Can be used as a lead for other products.
  • Conserves energy use.
  • Provide useful donations for charity organizations.

What are the Benefits?

Why should I recycle?

When your computer is recycled, it creates more computers, giving the less fortunate a chance to own one at a good price. London computer recycling allows school systems, correctional facilities and charity programs to benefit from your computers through donation.

Instead of throwing away your old computer, you can donate it to a computer recycling company such as Collect & Recycle. Computer recycling has become a key player in the IT recycling business as of late. Not only is it the green way to go, you’re also helping out your community by providing the less fortunate with such facilities.

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