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Hazardous Waste Portsmouth – A Few Tips on Reducing Waste

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A number of companies are taking steps for reducing hazardous waste in Portsmouth, and Collect and Recycle  is one of them.

The growth of industry has increased the production of hazardous waste, particularly in urban areas. Many of you might think that every industrial waste is hazardous, which is not the case. Hazardous waste products are those which exhibit any of these characteristics; flammability, toxicity, reactivity and corrosiveness.

Hazardous waste products are not only generated by industries but they can also be produced on domestic level. For example, mercury thermometer is very frequently used household product. Throwing broken thermometers can contaminate air and soil with mercury which is very harmful for health. You can review the list of household hazardous waste and contribute in reducing hazardous waste in Portsmouth on domestic scale.

Government bodies are also participating in controlling the production of hazardous waste in Portsmouth by conducting awareness programs. There are policies which bound industries to limit waste production to certain levels.

Another practice which is increasing the production of hazardous waste in Portsmouth is reusing oil. Oil after heating becomes contaminated and pollutant present in used oil can cause cancer. Oils and greasing products for automobiles are manufactured from used oil.

Nuclear industries use radioactive elements like Uranium, which can cause sever skin infection and other diseases. Therefore, these industries are usually located in isolated areas. Chemical industries also produce large amount of toxic chemicals and dump these water products at sea. This can adversely affect sea habitats and ultimately entire lifecycle.

These hazardous waste products can be recycled and sold as by products. There are a number of companies, such as Collect and Recycle which can help you in reducing domestic and hazardous waste in Portsmouth.

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