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how does recycling reduce landfill waste

How Does Recycling Reduce Landfill Waste

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Why is recycling important for your business? 

Recycling has become the forefront in attacking the current climate change crisis. Many businesses in the hospitality and retail sector have begun making a change by reducing single use plastic with their products. While recycling rates in the business world begin to go up, many industries outside the hospitality and retail sector are still far behind in making these greener changes. 

Recycling is important for your business. It saves time and money, frees up space, and builds your reputation as a respectable, eco-friendly company. Due to the current climate, potential clients are taking the time to research the carbon footprint of companies, so it’s worth reducing yours to ensure maximum client attention.

Taking the time to ensure your solid waste is recycled saves energy, time and money. Organisations, such as Plastic Expert and Collect and Recycle, will in fact buy your recyclable waste off you. This increase in profits with no extra work or expenses. 

Some products within your business don’t need to be recycled externally. Recycling paper is one way you can reuse products internally. You can take scrap paper out of your recycle bin and use it as note paper. Another way to reuse in businesses is by recycling your old plastic packaging. By reusing waste, you’re reducing the amount of time, money, and energy that goes into the manufacturing process to make new raw materials. 

Recycling your waste with an external company, like Collect and Recycle, helps to free up space. Freeing up space is also beneficial for your business. You can use it as a break space for your staff, building morale, which is proven to improve productivity. Alternatively, you can use the free space to put more machinery or other production related products, helping improve productivity. 

What happens when a recyclable product is not recycled? 

So how does recycling reduce landfill waste? And why is that important?

Sending this waste to landfill sites has damaging impacts on the environment. Recyclable waste, such as cardboard, plastic, and food waste, is compacted over time inside the landfill site. This causes it to break down anaerobically, releasing greenhouse gases, namingly methane. These gases are 25x more potent than CO2. 

Greenhouse gas emissions contribute to air and water pollution. Air pollution results in respiratory diseases in all organisms, especially humans. In addition, polluting the air results in severe weather changes due to the damaging of the ozone layer. Water pollution damages the biodiversity of marine life, contributing to many marine animals recent extinct status. 

If you recycle your waste, then these products can be broken down and reformed into the same product it previously was. Alternatively, it can be made into a new product that naturally wasn’t biodegradable. This has become increasingly popular for stationary, cutlery, crockery, packaging, and toilet roll. 

How can YOU recycle to reduce landfill waste 

It is important for businesses to realise the importance of ethical waste management. That being said, Waste management can often seem overwhelming and time consuming. That’s why Collect and Recycle has set up their own recycling program. We make it easy and simple for you to reduce the amount of recyclable waste being sent to the landfill sites. We set up easy and efficient recycling collections across the UK.

Collect and Recycle takes all your recycled materials, such as Paper and Cardboard, Hazardous Waste, and Confidential Waste, and safely and efficiently disposes of it. Irregardless of the amount of waste your business produces, Collect and Recycle are here to help. Help your business be more environmentally friendly by reusing and recycling. 

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