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Disposing of chemical waste

How To Dispose Of Chemical Waste Effectively

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Disposing Of Chemical Waste

Disposing of chemical waste safely involves the help of a specialist waste management team to remove waste materials and dispose of at licensed facilities. When you dispose of your hazardous items, special care must be taken into consideration due to the waste being harmful to human health and the environment. 

If these waste types are disposed of incorrectly, you may risk polluting the environment through chemicals seeping into soils or emitting harmful toxins. This can also pose a significant threat to humans working at your business and close by. 

The hazardous waste market handles a total volume of approximately 5 million tonnes in the UK each year. It is key that the waste is recycled where possible so that we can save valuable resources and energy from being used. When this type of waste ends up in landfills, toxic substances can end up in the ground, air and water streams or wildlife.

Types Of Hazardous Waste

There are many different types of chemical waste that are used across multiple sectors. Chemicals used are most often hazardous, requiring knowledge and experience in handling these waste materials. A few types of chemical hazardous waste include oils, batteries, solvents, and any products contaminated.

Storing Hazardous Wastes

If your business creates chemical waste then you must store any personally, ready for collections and waste disposal. This means you should have it contained and secure with lids so that chemicals do not leak, and different chemical wastes are segregated to avoid mixing and contamination.

You should also regularly check the chemical waste to ensure that there have been no errors made and there is no potential risk to the environment and yourselves. This means having a procedure and time in place where you are able to monitor the waste and double-check containers.

Dispose Of Hazardous Waste Safely With Collect & Recycle

At Collect & Recycle we offer hazardous waste collections and recycling for schools and businesses across the UK. This means you can have peace of mind that you are following all the correct regulations surrounding this type of waste and are acting using environmentally-friendly processes. We also offer services to recycle cardboard and paper waste, electronic devices and confidential waste.

If you are looking for a chemical waste disposal service with extensive knowledge and experience in handling waste types across all industries, book a collection today by contacting us at 

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