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How To Dispose Of Chemical Waste

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Many businesses don’t know how to dispose of chemical waste properly, often because chemical waste can be hard to identify because it is part of the makeup of many common items including batteries and electronic devices. Hazardous waste can be defined as any type of chemical compound that is dangerous to the health of humans and the environment. Disposing of this waste properly is vital to ensuring that harmful chemicals are recycled or disposed of so they don’t enter the water supply.   

The problem of chemical waste 

Chemical waste includes all hazardous materials from industrial and manufacturing processes such as solvents, used oil, and the chemicals from batteries and disused electronic equipment. If not disposed of correctly and according to regulation standards, the waste can be harmful to humans and have severe negative impacts on animal life. Through runoff, groundwater contamination, and illegal dumping, hazardous waste gets into water supplies and contributes to serious health conditions in humans. Concerning the environment, it can damage the ecosystem and cause widespread pollution.  

Chemical waste disposal 

Chemical and hazardous waste is disposed of in several ways according to strict government regulations. Companies who produce this waste regularly, or on a one-off basis, are required to contain the material and label it appropriately sufficiently. A waste management disposal company, like Collect and Recycle, will then collect the waste in a verified haulage container and take it to a treatment facility. Depending on the type of hazardous waste, the material can be processed and disposed of, or else recycled. 

Collecting chemical waste 

It is a criminal offence to dump hazardous waste without it being audited and treated; not only that it is seriously damaging to the environment and human health. When handling chemicals businesses are obligated to dispose of it correctly, and this often means having it collected by a verified waste management company. Collections can take place on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the size of the business and frequency of the waste. Regardless of the nature of the business and the type of waste produced, a regulated chemical disposal company can ensure it is safely transported to a treatment facility.

Recycle Wherever Possible

Where possible it is best to recycle hazardous waste, this gets more purchase out of the materials and reduces any harmful effects on the environment. Hazardous waste that can be recycled includes electrical appliances, fridges, freezers, TVs, computer monitors, and large domestic appliances such as washing machines. Smaller items such as laptops, fluorescent tubes and kettles can also be recycled. Waste that can’t be recycled generally includes, household or industrial chemicals, asbestos, and waste generated from construction and demolition.   

Collect and Recycle Services

Collect and Recycle are a verified chemical waste collection company who can collect and store hazardous waste from any company across the country. We have an extensive network of locations from where we can dispatch regulated vehicles to uplift your waste and transfer it to a disposal facility. The collection will be convenient, efficient, and as regular as your business requires. Treatment facilities are also nationwide. They are fully regulated and verified by UK authorities to process hazardous waste with minimal environmental impact.  Let us help you discover how to dispose of chemical waste at your business and get in touch today!

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