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How To Dispose Of Motor Oil Rags

How To Dispose Of Motor Oil Rags

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Oily rags can prove quite dangerous to yourself or those around you if they’re not disposed of in the right manner. And when it comes to fixing or maintaining motors, rags are often needed for various tasks. With motor oil-soaked rags, these are something that can’t be cleaned and so must be disposed of properly.

How To Store Rags For Disposing

Spontaneous combustion is real and oily rags are a common cause of fires in the home and around the workplace. It’s important that you’re storing them in the right way to ensure they don’t cause any potential harm. If you’re piling up motor oil rags by the dozen, you will likely cause more risk leaving them out in the open. The easiest way to store your motor oil rags is to soak them in water within a metal container and lid. As long as the lid is securely fitted onto the metal container, those rags won’t cause any risk.

How To Dispose Of Motor Oil Rags

Disposing of your motor oil rags is another part of the process that you want to get right. Contributing to a healthier environment is something we can all do, and that’s where Collect and Recycle can help. It’s a service that’s free to use and can collect any hazardous waste and non-hazardous waste materials that might be lying around your home or workspace. The service can work around you, picking up any amount of motor oil rags or hazardous materials you might have either as a one-off or on a regular basis that’s scheduled in.

You should be disposing of these oil rags in the right way and as soon as possible. With a waste disposal company like Collect and Recycle, they can help you with this quickly and with no hassle on your part either.

As well as putting your motor oil-stained rags in water, you can also dry your oily rags for disposal too. Whatever way you store or prepare them for collection doesn’t matter as the Collect and Recycle service will pick it up regardless. For drying them out, you’ll want to lay out the rags in an outdoor area and in a place that is out of the sun-light as well as being well ventilated. These rags will usually take a few days to dry depending on the motor oil used, so be sure to leave them out for long enough. Once they’re dry, you can get them picked up for disposal.

Use Collect And Recycle For Disposing Of Motor Oil Rags

It’s important to dispose of motor oil rags in a safe and compliant way. It’s not only important for the safety of yourself or business but also for the local environment too. When it comes to washing motor oil rags, it’s something that should be avoided, especially as it’s highly toxic. Instead, it’s worth using cheap and cheerful rags and then getting them removed and disposed of properly with Collect and Recycle.

If you are looking to get rid of motor oil rags or dispose of chemical waste, then contact our professional team today.

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