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How To Reduce Chemical Waste

How To Reduce Chemical Waste

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Minimising Chemical Waste At Your Business

Chemicals are used by various sectors and can be a huge waste stream for many organisations. Hazardous chemical waste in particular, poses a threat to human health and the planet: We produce 400 million tons of hazardous waste each year, globally. In order to minimise this and encourage environmental protection, businesses should work towards how they can reduce chemical waste generated and volumes of chemicals being used. 

4 Tips To Reduce Chemical Waste

1. Recycling The Waste

Environmental health and safety should be at the forefront when handling chemical waste. Proper disposal of chemicals will help to minimise impact to the environment and reduce waste. Recycling this waste means that we can reuse the unwanted chemicals and introduce them back into the industry. This saves raw materials and energy in production, whilst protecting habitats and reducing toxic emissions.

2. Ordering In Small Quantities 

Ordering materials in smaller quantities when it is needed saves items going out of date or becoming unusable in wrong storage. It will also require fewer trips and expenses when going through the waste disposal process. This will ensure higher accuracy in following the hazardous waste regulations.

3. Proper Waste Management & Storage

Making sure to have secure containers, segregated chemicals and a schedule in place to check on hazardous materials will ensure that there are no leaks or damages to the materials during storage. When your chosen disposal company receives hazardous waste, it is much easier to be recycled where no contamination or mixing has occurred. 

You should also replace any labels which are worn away and lack visibility. This will help your team avoid danger to themselves and also mixing and using the wrong chemicals, which can create unknown waste. 

4. Scheduled, Regular Collections Organised

Partnering with a waste company that can collect and remove the waste on a regular basis will avoid waste build-up and large amounts being stored on site. Not only is this unsafe, but it can also incur large expenses when huge amounts of chemical waste need to be removed at once. Doing this in small, organised schedules will also improve accuracy and limit the chances of damages occurring to the waste. 

We Collect & Recycle Chemical Waste From Businesses

At Collect & Recycle, we offer businesses an effective solution to managing their chemical waste. We are able to collect and recycle this waste from businesses and schools across the UK, with a specialist team having experience in multiple waste streams. Hazardous wastes include oils, acids, paints, mastic tubes, unknown hazardous materials, fluorescent tubes, aerosols, mercury thermometers and industrial chemical substances; all of which we are able to collect.

If you are also generating large amounts of other waste types, we are able to collect and even offer rebates for baled materials such as cardboard. Get in touch with our team today to book your collection by emailing

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