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Cardboard Recycling Birmingham Businesses

We collect large volumes of cardboard waste for businesses across Birmingham and surrounding areas. 


Commercial Cardboard Recycling In Birmingham

Are you a business based in Birmingham generating large volumes of cardboard waste? Our team operates across the area collecting and recycling materials from businesses. We collect cardboard waste at a 4 tonne minimum, requiring it to be baled or palletised prior to our collection.

We also provide various cardboard balers to assist our customers with this process. These are used to reduce waste volumes and create compact blocks of waste. This benefits your storage whilst fewer collections are needed and greater rebates are offered.

commercial cardboard recycling in Birmingham

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What Types Of Paper And Cardboard Do You Collect In Birmingham?

We collect bulk loads of various types of paper and cardboard waste from businesses in the area. All of the materials we collect are then transported to recycling centres for repurposing into new products. Examples of waste we collect for our customers include:

Paper Bales

Mixed Paper & Cardboard

Redundant Stock

Shredded Paper (in bulk)

Why Choose Us For Cardboard Recycling In Birmingham

Our business specialises in recycling cardboard and paper commercially, having experience working for multiple sectors. Offering quick collections nationwide, we ensure minimal disruptions to your business whilst providing competitive rebates for large volumes.

With our help, businesses in Birmingham can cut their carbon footprint and create sustainable solutions to managing their waste. We also collect other recyclable materials including hazardous items, tyres, textiles, electronics and solar panels.


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Get in touch with our team today to book your cardboard collection in Birmingham. One of our friendly team will then shortly get back to you to arrange a suitable collection day. If you are also looking to hire a cardboard baler, we can assist you with the best choice for your waste type and quantities. 

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