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The cardboard recycling Exeter service

Are you an Exeter based business overloaded with cardboard waste? The cardboard recycling Exeter service offers a reliable collection and recycling service for cardboard and paper waste, at a five-tonne minimum. All of the waste that we collect will be taken to licenced recycling facilities, where it will be taken through the full recycling process. Please note, we do not provide recycling services for any sort of household waste; such as cardboard, plastic, or food waste.

Cardboard Recycling Exeter: The Sustainable Solution

84% of cardboard is recycled each year in the UK; adding up to about 2 million tonnes being saved from landfill!  As a business, you should be striving to be a part of this huge percentage. By diverting waste from landfill, we are conserving raw materials and pollution to the environment. Becoming a sustainable and environmentally-friendly business is respected and recognised, and you are most importantly contributing to the sustainability of the planet.

The Collection Service

We can provide flexible and cost-effective collection services for businesses across Exeter. Prior to the arranged collection date, we require all cardboard to be baled and secure for us to transport. At Collect & Recycle we can provide all of our clients with balers to help with the whole process. Please contact one of our friendly team today if you are looking for an efficient recycling service for any waste you are generating, or simply have any questions about the recycling process.

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