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Cardboard Recycling Kent

Cardboard Recycling Kent

Commercial Cardboard Recycling Kent

At Collect and Recycle we collect cardboard waste from businesses across Kent and surrounding areas. If you are located in the region we can help recycle your commercial waste, enabling you to cut your carbon footprint and manage waste efficiently.


Please note, we do not provide recycling services and waste collections for household waste. Our waste management services are designed for businesses that generate large volumes of materials.

Nearby Locations We Collect From


We provide cardboard recycling services across Hertfordshire. We can also collect electrical waste, hazardous items, textiles and more.


Our Maidstone cardboard recycling services allow businesses to sustainably manage their waste materials.


We collect cardboard recycling across Dartford, transporting waste to licensed recycling centres.


Our collection services span across Canterbury for cardboard waste bales.

Tunbridge Wells

If you are located in Tunbridge Wells, we can also collect and recycle materials for your business.

The Benefits Of Cardboard Recycling

By recycling cardboard, businesses contribute significantly to the reduction of deforestation, as it lessens the demand for new paper products. This process also conserves energy and water, further lowering the carbon footprint of the business. Additionally, recycling cardboard reduces landfill waste, which is crucial given the growing concerns about landfill space and methane emissions.

Opting for cardboard recycling can also be financially beneficial for businesses. By recycling, companies can cut down on waste disposal costs, which are steadily rising due to increasing landfill taxes. Moreover, in some cases, recycled cardboard can be a source of revenue, as it is a valuable commodity in the recycling market.

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Cardboard Waste Recycling Kent

Our cardboard collection service is designed with your business needs in mind. We understand that time is a valuable resource, and therefore, our collection process is streamlined to ensure minimal disruption to your daily operations. Simply book a collection time that suits your schedule, and our team will handle the rest. Whether it’s a one-time pick-up or a regular collection schedule, our services are flexible to accommodate your specific needs.

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