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Collect & Recycle’s Cardboard Recycling Manchester Service

Is your business located in Greater Manchester or the surrounding north-west area? Our cardboard recycling Manchester service provides high-quality, efficient waste management services for large bulks of waste cardboard produced by companies. Our waste collection services offer rebates on all of what we collect at a five-tonne minimum. When organising a cardboard collection service, we can provide a baler to ensure that waste is pre-baled for efficiency and a one-time-trip load.

We supply this waste back into manufacturing, and at the same time, reduce your waste overflowing into valuable space. Having strong connections to domestic and oversea’s paper mills ensures that your waste is repurposed effectively.

The Sustainable Solution For Your Cardboard Recycling

As a business, you will often generate large amounts of waste that needs handling appropriately. Playing your part and recycling all waste created ensures that you are contributing to the sustainability of our planet. Boosting your green credentials as a business is not only great for your reputation, but also helps save our environments by reducing large amounts of waste ending up in landfill. When you use our Cardboard Recycling services, we can assure you that all waste collected will be taken through our full recycling process; avoiding pollution, and raw materials being used for products.

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If your business is looking for an efficient and environmentally-way to manage your waste, Collect & Recycle is your answer. We can take the stress off your hands and provide you with a reliable, flexible service catered for your businesses busy schedules.

Once we have collected the waste, we will then take it to our licensed recycling facility where the waste will be broken down and recycled for use in new products. As well as cardboard, we also offer a paper recycling service, which can be collected at the same time as your cardboard waste. Get in touch with one of the team today to find out more and obtain a quote.

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