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Cardboard Recycling For Northamptonshire Businesses

Collect and Recycle is a Northampton-based recycling business that helps local businesses recycle cardboard waste. Whether you are looking for the waste disposal of cardboard boxes, newspapers, magazines or other packaging waste, we can offer waste collections.

We operate collecting at a 4-tonne minimum, requiring your paper and cardboard to be baled or palletised before your collection day. Our waste management team can assist in supplying cardboard balers for hire. This equipment works by compressing large volumes of waste with a plate to create compact, secure blocks. Baling wire can then tie these bales, reducing their volume and storing them safely on your premises.

Our Cardboard Recycling Service in Northampton

Our environmentally friendly waste services allow businesses across Northampton to increase recycling rates and reduce disposal costs. Whilst we recycle all the waste types we collect, great rebates can also be offered for large quantities of high quality materials. The cardboard bale price will depend on your quantity, the current market value and various other factors you can find here.

Once we recycle cardboard waste, it can be repurposed into a range of products. This may include cardboard boxes and packaging, paper bags and chipboard. Recycled paper can also be used for toilet paper, printed paper and paper towels.

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We offer waste recycling services for businesses in and surrounding Northamptonshire. Our business is helping the local area use sustainable alternatives to traditional disposal methods, whilst boosting businesses’ green credentials. This comes with a whole range of benefits from attracting new customers to adhering to environmental guidelines.

Simply fill out the form on this page or email to book a collection in Northampton. Other waste materials we can collect include electronics, hazardous items, tyres, bumpers, solar panels and textiles. If you generate any other waste streams please let our team know when contacting us.

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