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Sainsbury’s New Laundry Detergent Cardboard Packaging

Sainsbury’s Are Reducing Plastic Waste With Cardboard Packaging

Sainsbury’s, the UK’s second-largest supermarket chain, has announced plans to reduce plastic waste from packaging by introducing new cardboard packaging. This will be used for their own-brand liquid laundry detergent. Sainsbury’s has said the new packaging reduces the amount of plastic used by 80% and could reduce carbon emissions by 50%.

The New Cardboard Packaging

The cardboard packaging will be rolled out across Sainsburys stores for their 750ml laundry detergents. This will be in replacement of the current sleeved plastic bottle packaging. Not only is the new cardboard packaging solution 100% recyclable, but it is also 35% lighter in weight meaning they can reduce emissions from transportation by 50%

Sainsbury’s Sustainability Mission

Sainsbury’s have shared their sustainability mission, including reducing their own brand plastic packaging by 50% by 2025. They are also working toward reducing scope 1 & 2 emissions to net zero by 2035.

The Benefits Of Reducing Plastic Packaging

Cutting our plastic packaging usage will have a great effect on our planet. Plastic waste takes up a monumental amount of space in landfills, where materials fester for years and pollute our environments. By reducing plastic packaging and recycling where possible, we can help push for a more sustainable planet.

We Recycle Cardboard Packaging Waste 

At Collect & Recycle, we recycle cardboard waste materials. This includes bulk loads of paper and cardboard that businesses generate such as shipping packaging, mixed paper, redundant stock, cardboard bales and more. Get in touch today to book your cardboard collection and increase recycling rates for your business.

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