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School Laboratory Chemical Waste Case Study

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School Laboratory Chemical Waste Case Study

School Laboratory Chemical Waste Case Study

As specialists in laboratory waste disposal, we help schools nationwide dispose of chemical waste safely. One of our customers, an educational institution, required assistance managing their laboratory waste. This included hazardous chemicals such as copper sulfate and a contaminated container.

How Did We Help?

Recognising the hazards associated with improper chemical waste handling, we employ specialised techniques for the secure collection and transportation of waste. Our certified hazardous waste experts ensured that the materials were handled with professionalism. 

We provided the necessary documentation to track the waste from pickup to disposal, maintaining transparency and compliance throughout the process. 

The chemical was then treated at a certified facility preventing any potential environmental contamination.

The Cost and Environmental Benefits

By properly disposing of the chemical waste, we helped the institution avoid health risks, as well as potential legal repercussions associated with non-compliance to waste disposal regulations.

Our service provided a secure solution that ensured safety, compliance, and environmental responsibility. The success of this underscores our expertise in handling complex waste and reinforces our laboratory waste services for educational institutions.

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