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The UK is one of the five largest scrap metal exporting countries in the world. Metal recycling is worth around £ 5.6 billion. Virtually, all metals can be recycled into high quality new metal. The processes vary for different metals, but the quality of the outcome is equivalent. Bristol Scrap Metal Recycling provides collection, recycling and exporting of such metals in the Bristol area. Metal recycling poses various benefits to the environment and the economy of the UK.

Benefits of Recycling


  • FAST Payments – Most scrap metals can be recycled for fast payments. People involved in the construction industry that trade in metal on a daily basis can benefit from this incentive by Scrap Metal Recycling in Bristol. Though the payments are not very high, it is a good way to go green rather than increasing your carbon foot-print for no gains.
  • Saves Energy and Protects the Environment – Scrap metal recycling reduces greenhouse gas emissions like CO2, saving considerable energy in the process. Using secondary raw materials means saving natural resources which can be used to make new metal compounds for future use.
  • Export Potential – Growth in emerging markets in Asia like India and China result in the increasing export of recycled metals. It carries a significant economic value, and reduces landfill space. In 2005, 60% of the UK’s recycled metal was exported.


Metal waste recycling is a pyramid industry, with small family owned companies, to large, international businesses being involved. Bristol Scrap Metal recycling caters for waste collections of these metals to make them good for further use. You can help out the environment and these companies by collecting waste from your factory or industry, and supplying it to a scrap metal recycling company like Collect & Recycle. Reduce your carbon footprint today and make a difference.

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