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We Provide an efficient secure data destruction Service

Collect & Recycle offer a wide range of fully compliant secure data destruction services, including both paper shredding and digital data destruction. We also provide electronic equipment disposal and recycling. Once the data destruction process is complete, Collect & Recycle will provide you with a Certificate Of Erasure or Destruction. You may need these certificates in the future to prove your compliance with data laws. We can offer you a high-quality service and maximum convenience. All it takes is four simple steps!

1. Give us a call to discuss your data destruction needs; we can offer a quote based on your electronic devices and the services required.

2. Our team of experts will collect your equipment and complete the data destruction process. Processes used may include erasure, shredding, degaussing, overwriting or physical destruction.

3. Collect & Recycle will record your device serial numbers, supporting you to create an audit trail and manage your internal assets.

4. Lastly, we’ll provide you with your ‘Certificates of Destruction’ or ‘Certificates of Erasure’, depending on the service.

What Is Secure Data Destruction?

Data Destruction is a disposal process of destroying the data stored on an electronic device. Once the data destruction procedure is complete, the confidential data is completely irretrievable. Secure data destruction is different from deleting files. When you delete a file, the information still exists on the hard drive of the device. There are several ways that data destruction can be completed, including:

Overwriting: This type of data destruction involves replacing old files with new files.
Degaussing: The process of degaussing means disrupting the magnetic field that’s part of the drive or storage disk. The procedure is completed with a magnet called a ‘degausser.’
Physically: Data destruction can also be performed physically, for example, by shredding disks or drive destruction.

Why does your business need secure data destruction?

Prevent a data breach: One of the most important reasons to ensure secure data destruction is to prevent a data breach. Devices used for business purposes store sensitive info; it’s important to ensure that this data cannot be stolen, retrieved or misused.

Achieve Data Protection compliance: Companies need to meet Data Protection requirements and GDPR laws. To do so, businesses must have a way of permanently destroying all personal data, for example, customer details or credit card information. Without secure data destruction, businesses may unintentionally breach Data Protection laws.

Preserve reputation: In the event of a data breach your business reputation could be tarnished. You could also be fined as a result of GDPR non-compliance.

Recycling equipment: Entrepreneurs know that recycling is important, from paper waste to E-waste. Without proper data destruction, it’s impossible to recycle your electronic devices.

Why choose us

Quality Service

Our mission is to attract and retain customers by providing a consistently reliable waste collection service. We work with a verified network of haulage partners to ensure we can deliver on our promises.

Total Compliance

All collections are compliant with environmental legislation to ensure your business has peace of mind when disposing of all types of waste. Every collection will have a full paperwork & audit trail.

Environmentally Friendly

Recycling your waste is at the forefront of what we do. Each waste type is processed at authorised treatment facilities to ensure the maximum possible recycling rates. Recycling reports are available to all our customers.

Book a Collection

Collect & Recycle offer a range of secure data destruction services and can also remove and recycle your destroyed IT devices, helping you to go greener and adhere to E-waste disposal laws. To discuss your data destruction needs, or to book a collection, call Collect & Recycle today.

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