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Television Recycling in Manchester

Whether you know it or not, the United Kingdom disposes of over 1.8 million tonnes of electronic waste every year. As such, you need to do your part and not only help keep the United Kingdom clean, but save the planet as well. Here is a closer look at how beneficial television recycling in Manchester is in particular.

More Land

To put it simply, throwing away your old television sets only increases the amount of solid waste in the United Kingdom. As a result, more land has to be allocated to contain it; land which can be used for residential and/or commercial purposes.

Television recycling in Manchester helps reduce the landfills and gives more land back to the country; more land back to the people.

Less Pollution

Landfills are not only unsightly, they create harmful pollutants. Over time, the compaction and natural degradation of television sets release pollutants in the air. These pollutants are carried with the surrounding air and make their way to both our ozone layer and the lungs of your fellow citizens. However, this pollution can be easily negated.

Companies such as Collect & Recycle collect your discarded television sets and recycle them. As such, not only do they help you save the planet, they help create what could possibly be your next flat-screen television.

With the increasing number of television owners and the increasing speed of disposal, television recycling in Manchester has become more important than ever. By recycling your television with companies such as Collect & Recycle, not only do you help reclaim land and keep your country clean, you help save our beautiful planet – our very home.

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