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Waste Collection in Portsmouth: Recovering Non-Hazardous Waste

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Waste Collection is a processing of collecting and transporting company or household waste to disposal and treatment facilities. Companies specializing in waste collection in Portsmouth, like Collect and Recycle, provide collection services such as door-to-door collection, communal bins, collection sites, and so on.

Recovering Non-Hazardous Waste

Non-hazardous waste does not release toxic or hazardous emissions, whereas hazardous waste does. After such waste is collected, it is sent to treatment plants where resources are recovered using various processes.

Materials Recovery – Materials are recovered for either reuse or further recycling through extraction and smelting.

Energy recovery – Involves recovering the energy value of waste by transforming it into heat or energy. This process mainly involves incineration, which can result in release of methane gas.

Agronomy recovery – This process involves transforming green or biodegradable waste into compost. This compost can be used in making fertilizers for agriculture, farming and gardening purposes.

Disposing Non-Recyclable Waste

After the recovering the resources, some part of the waste is left behind which cannot be recycled or reused. To treat the residue, there are two main methods:

Incineration – It involves burning the residual waste. The energy released for burning is recovered to produce electricity.

Landfills – Non-hazardous waste can be disposed in landfills as they do not pose a significant threat to the environment after recycling. Residual waste can start to ferment and make natural biogas. Biogas is recovered to produce heat and electricity within the landfill area.


The need for recycling is ever growing. The first step to it is collecting waste. Waste collection in Portsmouth gives various benefits to the environment and community. Not only does it protect the environment, it also conserves energy and creates new jobs. Companies like Collect and Recycle can get you started with providing knowledge on the various types of wastes and collecting waste in your neighborhood.

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