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Waste management does not only deal with reducing waste production but it also aims at recycling non-biodegradable and hazardous waste products. Collect and Recycle offers waste recycling in Exeter so that usable parts of waste can be put to use.

Industrialisation has increased the production of hazardous gases and other pollutants. Most of the industries dump chemical waste in seas which causes severe water contamination. Similarly, there are industries which emit massive amounts of harmful gases to the environment. Waste production impacts environmental sustainability. Therefore measures should be taken for waste recycling in Exeter on commercial scale.

You can adopt some simple practices and contribute in waste recycling in Exeter. Plastic is one of the most frequently used non-biodegradable materials. Start using paper bags instead of polythene bags. In many countries, the use of polythene bags has been banned. Avoid burning polythene bags because they emit massive amount of carbon upon combustion which is extremely hazardous for health. Instead, give these bags to a plastic industry, where it can be utilized in the manufacturing of plastic goods.

Industries are also contributing in waste recycling in Exeter by utilizing gases in steam turbines for energy production. Recycling plants can also assist industries economically. Waste products after recycling can be sold as by-products. From business point of view, recycling can help in making the most of available resources. For example, a water desalination plant can utilize the leftover concentrated brine solution for the production of common salt instead of throwing it.

Waste recycling is very important for healthy ecology. Dumping waste on landfills can help in reducing the volume of waste in residential areas but without recycling, it is impossible to reduce environmental pollution.

Companies such as Collect and Recycle are taking initiatives on domestic and commercial level for waste recycling in Exeter.

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