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Waste Recycling in Newcastle: The Importance and Benefits

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Waste Recycling in Newcastle is an important step in waste management and making sure that wastes don’t pollute the environment. Companies like Collect & Recycle reduce the use of raw materials through proper recycling, reducing the use of energy and these natural resources in the process.

Types of Waste

Common household wastes that can be recycled include:

  • Paper Waste – Items include newspapers, books, cardboard boxes, magazines and so on.
  • Plastic Waste – Items include plastic wrappers, plastic bags, rubber bags and water bottles.
  • Glass Waste – Beer and wine bottles, broken bottles, windows and so on.
  • Aluminum Waste – Aluminum is one of the most sustainable materials in the world. Items include beer caps, aluminum foils, aluminum cans, etc.

Waste collection firms like Collect & Recycle process these wastes by collecting, crushing, melting, extracting and processing them into new products.

Importance and Benefits of Waste Recycling

Protects the environment – Waste recycling reduces air, water and soil pollution. Recycling reduces landfills and makes sure components that do end up in landfills do not pose a toxic or hazardous threat to the environment.

Conserves Natural Resources – Recycling reduces the dependency on raw materials, as materials extracted can be used in making new products. These scarce resources can be conserved and used in the future.

Saves Energy – More energy is used in making products from raw materials than from recycled materials. It is an energy efficient and expedited way to make new products.

Creates Jobs – Waste recycling generates economic benefits. Employees are hired for collection, sorting and working in recycling companies.


Waste management is an important aspect in keeping your city clean. Waste Recycling in Newcastle is done by specialized companies like Collect & Recycle that help in waste reduction and reducing your carbon footprint.

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