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Which Easter Eggs Use The Most Packaging?

Easter Eggs Using The Most Packaging

According to surveys revealed by The Guardian, the easter egg using the most packaging is Thorntons’ Classic Large Egg. The cardboard box and plastic make up more than a third (36.4%) of the product’s weight. Having a higher percentage than the average of 25% makes it even more important to take recycling into consideration when disposing of your chocolatey goodness!

Arriving in second place is the Lindt Lindor Milk Chocolate Egg, which has a packaging weight percentage of 28.1%. Mars’s Milk Chocolate Easter Egg and Chocolate Bar and Cadbury’s Creme Giant Egg also both weighed in just above the average.

Can I Recycle Easter Egg Packaging?

The 3,000 tonnes of Easter packaging waste takes 400 large lorries to transport to landfills or recycling centres. If this 3,000 tonnes of waste is recycled, it saves 1,170,000kWh of energy. Understanding the importance of recycling packaging during times of high demand will help increase recycling rates. 

How Can I Recycle Easter Egg Packaging?

You can recycle the cardboard outer packaging at home, as well as the plastic shell of the egg. If your chocolate egg is covered in foil, this can also be recycled with aluminium materials. Make sure to divide the components of your packaging to make sure they are segregated into the correct recycling bins.

We Recycle Cardboard Waste

At Collect & Recycle, we recycle bulk loads of cardboard waste for businesses. The types of cardboard and paper grades we buy include cardboard bales, paper bales, newspapers & magazines, and redundant stock. If you are looking for a reliable and sustainable service to manage your cardboard waste, then get in touch with our specialist team today. We can organise a collection on a day that suits you and ensure all of the materials are recycled where possible. 

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