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Why Is Recycling Important?

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Why is recycling important? Recycling your waste has become increasingly important in the current global warming crisis. There has been a global increase in acknowledging our responsibility to create a positive impact and a greener world. However, many businesses are yet to acknowledge the benefits of recycling. Many do not have access to information on why and how it can in fact be an advantage for your business to reuse and recycle. 

Recycling is important because a great deal of recyclable waste is sent to landfill sites. 7 million tonnes of cardboard gets sent to landfill sites every year in the UK. Sending recyclable waste, such as recyclable plastics and food scraps, to landfill sites, is detrimental to the environment.

Over time, this waste is compacted down, causing it to anaerobically break down. Eventually, this causes a release of methane, a greenhouse gas 25x more powerful than carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gases, also released by the burning of fossil fuels, are hugely detrimental for the environment, as they trap heat, causing extreme weather and respiratory diseases. 

Therefore, it’s time for businesses to start reassessing the amount of waste they produce, and how much of it can be recycled. Now that you’ve seen why recycling is important for the world, we’ll now explain why it should be important for you. 

Time and Money 

Recycling saves money, but it also creates it. Many companies will buy your recyclable waste off of you. Collect and Recycle, for example, will buy your excess cardboard from you and dispose of it. This not only generates profit, but requires little to no work for your business. This recycled waste can then be reused again for businesses like yours. This benefits the earth, your business, and businesses like Collect and Recycle, as it creates jobs.

However, for some products in your business, you don’t need to send your waste away to be recycled and reused. Products like recycled paper can be reused within your business, as note paper, for example. Other recycling materials, such as plastic packaging, can also be reused within your business. This saves energy by reducing the need to create new raw materials for your business. It also reduces the amount of time and money spent on obtaining these new materials. 

Frees up space 

Recycling is also important for your business as it frees up space. Pile ups of used cardboard, chemical waste, plastic, and more, often take up excess space in your business. Companies, such as Plastic Expert, were created to eliminate this problem. WIth recycling centres across the uk, Plastic Expert can take your plastic waste off your hands quickly and efficiently.

This extra space can be used however you see fit. Many businesses Collect and Recycle have worked with have used extra space freed up to increase production. This resulted in generating more sales. Others used the space to create an area for staff to take breaks, resulting in higher morale, which improved productivity. Freeing up space may seem like a small act, but it’s impact can be incredible. 


Finally, Recycling can be important for your business because it improves your reputation. For many of the businesses that have become more eco-friendly and waste-conscious, a part of their ethos is to work with other businesses with the same mindset. By demonstrating your efforts to recycle within your business, you’re improving your chances of gaining new clients. It’s not the case of using completely natural resources, or being zero-waste, but of demonstrating that you’re doing your bit. 

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