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Pallet Recycling For Businesses in London

At Collect and Recycle we specialise in pallet recycling across London, UK. This service is specifically designed for commercial activity producing bulk loads of pallet waste. Our team can collect pallets from your premises and transport them to recycling centres, whether they be plastic or wooden pallets.

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Our Pallet Recycling Service In London

We provide a pallet collection service across Greater London. Our professional team will have your pallets removed safely and efficiently, ensuring minimal trips to achieve less transport emissions and lower costs for your business.

If you are a business generating large volumes of pallets, partnering with a recycling company is key for your sustainable efforts and minimising harm to the environment. When we recycle pallets, we can work together to reduce the need for virgin resources and save space in landfills.

What Industry Uses Pallets?

The use of pallets spans a wide range of industries due to their practicality and utility in transporting and storing goods. Industries that commonly use pallets include:

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Book a pallet collection today if you are located in London or surrounding areas. We have vast experience removing and recycling pallet waste for businesses nationwide. 

Whilst we collect pallet waste, we also offer services for recycling a range of other materials. This includes hazardous items, electronic waste, textiles, tyres and more. If you produce any other waste types, please let our team know and we can organise an appropriate collection schedule.