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World’s First Approved Recyclable Absorbent Pad For Fruit

The World’s First Approved Recyclable Absorbent Pad For Fruit

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The On-Pack Recycling Label (OPRL) has recently given its approval to a new paper-based absorbent pad developed by Sirane for use in the packaging of fresh fruits. The pad, which is made of recycled paper fibers, is designed to absorb excess moisture from the fruits, helping to extend their shelf life while also being recyclable alongside the paper-based packaging. 

The approval from OPRL means that the pad has been deemed to meet the necessary recycling guidelines, giving retailers and consumers added confidence in their decision to use the product. Sirane, a UK-based packaging manufacturer, has expressed its commitment to sustainability and the development of eco-friendly packaging solutions.

The EarthPad

EarthPad is comprised of cellulose absorbent with a paper outer layer applied using barrier coatings, and they are also compostable. Simon Ellin, CEO, said: “Having read the positive results of the repulpability and recyclability testing, according to EN 13430, I am happy to endorse a paper recyclable pad composed of a cellulose absorbent layer with paper applied top and bottom.”

The Benefits Of Recyclable Packaging

Firstly, the pad’s ability to absorb excess moisture from fruits helps to extend their shelf life, reducing the amount of food waste and increasing their overall freshness. Additionally, the pad is made of recycled paper fibers, making it an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic-based absorbent pads. 

The fact that the pad is recyclable alongside the paper-based packaging further enhances its environmental credentials. With the OPRL approval, retailers and consumers can have added confidence in their use of the product, knowing that it meets the necessary recycling guidelines. 

Overall, the paper-based absorbent pad offers a sustainable and practical solution for the packaging of fresh fruits.

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