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Coca-Cola: From Plastic To Paper!

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Coca-cola is taking huge steps towards its mission in putting an end to plastic packaging. They have announced that they will be rolling out 2,000 of their new innovative paper bottles to test their durability in use, with the ultimate goal as a business of producing zero waste by 2030. The bottle will be trialled containing a new, plant-based healthy drink they have produced called AdeZ; perfect to match the new green packaging that has been created. This is the first stage for the trial, due to the fizziness of other Coca-Cola drinks, they face unique challenges when it comes to packaging. The structure of the bottle must be strong enough to hold the carbonated drinks under high pressure and ensure that there is no leakage on the shelves and in use.

The Coca-Cola Prototype: “A World Without Waste”

The prototype was designed by Danish company Paboco: “A paper bottle in every hand – that’s what the future will look like if our innovation project succeeds.” 

The bottles are created from a single piece of paper-fibre-based material and with a 100% recycled plastic enclosure and liner inside. Coca-Cola has said that this innovative project will take continuous evaluations and updates, exploring new materials and technologies. The future goal is for the bottle to use a plant-based coating for the inside of the bottle and an all-paper cap, to be completely rid of plastic. Along with Coca-Cola, Absolut vodka is also due to trial 2000 paper bottles in the UK and Sweden.

The Future

The world is currently on the hunt for an alternative to plastic packaging with the growing damages of this material taking a toll on the planet. Now that huge companies such as Coca-Cola are testing alternatives, this can hopefully pave the way for many other brands and their packaging solutions.

Plastic packaging has dier effects on the earth’s ecosystems. This material is extremely damaging, with the majority of waste sent to landfills or disposed of into the environment. This results in the material being left to decay for centuries unless we all ensure items are recycled. With 40% of packaging produced being plastic, and an estimated 8 million tons of plastic enters our oceans every year, finding an alternative will be a huge find for the sustainability of the planet.

Benefits of Paper Packaging

Paper packaging is known as one of the most sustainable materials that can be used for packaging. It is not only recyclable and reusable, but it is also degraded at just 2-6 weeks, rather than a staggering 450 years! Incredible packaging innovations such as those seen by Paboca has the potential to be huge and could be the solution that we are looking for in creating a sustainable future.


Image: BBC News

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