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Tesco Launches Cardboard Packaging For Pods

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Tesco Transitions Laundry Pod Tubs to Recyclable Cardboard Packs

Tesco, the UK’s largest supermarket chain, is taking another step towards sustainability by transitioning from plastic laundry pod tubs to recyclable cardboard packs.

The supermarket chain has introduced new packaging for its laundry pods last week, which is designed to be 100% recyclable. The cardboard packs will replace the plastic tubs previously used to package the laundry pods. The new box contains more than 90% recycled cardboard.

Tesco’s Sustainability Mission

Tesco’s decision to switch to recyclable cardboard packs is part of the company’s broader efforts to reduce its environmental impact. The supermarket chain has set a target of having removed plastic from 5 billion products by 2025.

Why Is Reducing Plastic Packaging Essential?

The move towards sustainable packaging is becoming increasingly important as consumers become more aware of the impact of plastic waste on the environment. Tesco’s decision to switch to cardboard packs is just one example of how companies are responding to this growing concern.

In addition to its efforts to reduce its environmental impact through packaging, Tesco has also set a goal of becoming a zero-carbon company by 2050. The company plans to achieve this goal by reducing its energy consumption, increasing its use of renewable energy, and investing in new technologies that will help it reduce its carbon footprint.

The transition to recyclable cardboard packs for its laundry pods is just one of the many steps that Tesco is taking toward sustainability. By making small changes like this, the company is demonstrating its commitment to reducing its environmental impact and meeting its sustainability goals.

Tesco’s group quality director, Sarah Bradbury:

“Customers are focused on getting great value right now, but we know that they still want to choose products that use less or no plastic in their packaging. This is one of many changes we’re making to reduce unnecessary plastic from products right across our stores.”

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